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21 June 2009 @ 06:58 pm

creampuff got out some time last night and she has not come home
we have a large outdoor enclosure we put the cats in at night to cut down on the hair and smell in the house and we rotate who gets to stay in, i thought my sister had put her out since sweety was in the house (but some times we let both stay in since they are the ones who like being inside the most) and my sister says she didn't put creampuff out

she is in an indoor only cat hellbent on escaping, she escaped a year ago and got hit by a car and put me through hell to save her and now she is missing AGAIN
i feel so horrible right now i do not know what to do with myself, i have no idea how or when she got out.

i love this cat dearly and i have owned and fostered a totall of at least 100 cats over the years and never had another like her.

i pray she will make it home safely or at least alive and repairable if she got hurt.

please some one help

UPDATE: our house is like a duplex and my bro sleeps in the addition and said she was out there this morning (there is a breezeway that seperates the 2 so after it was locked up that night she would not have been able to get back in my part of the house) but she is still no where to be found right now :{
and i checked EVERYWHERE even in the closets and cabinets and in the attic! and all over the yard too and every shed

28 February 2009 @ 11:21 am
cellulitis is what i have, look it up to learn more
bacteria got into my hand
dunno if it was a coral sting from my coral reef aquarium that let it in or what because somtimes there is no obvious entry wound, you can get this from marine water, pond water and animal bites.

my hand is in a splint till monday cause movement makes it worse.
the doc says the swelling should be good in a week but the meds for 3 months are to be sure it does not come back.
i had to go to the ER at midnight last night for an antibiotic IV and the splint because the swelling got so bad, i am now on some super strong antibiotic pills
the doc there said had i waited to come in i could have gotten sepsis and the infection could have gone to lymph nodes, there is still a slim chance my hand may need surgery but he says i got in befor my fingers turned into susages so i should be fine

bad news is my med coverage ends sunday

21 February 2009 @ 07:21 pm
a few of my very first customers have brought concerns to my attention.

such as Aspen Wolf who was my very first fullsuit, i had not learned how to do zippers yet and used velcro for his suit and it always popped open, i had yet to learn how to properly install body padding and his came loose, and the head was overall too big and had no neck to it.
for Aspen i gave him a $50 refund and he will be sending the body back to be repaired for free, i also made him a whole new head for a mere $100 (VS $390 for a head with those kind of eyes). he is now fully happy with his costume.
another suit had the prototype hinged jaw which came undone and he had another maker fix it, so when he told me this I refunded him $200 to both cover the cost of the repairs and extra because i was sorry that the head had such a big flaw and the refund made both him and me feel much better and helped me ease my shame ( i was so embarrased).

i want to be sure all my customers are happy. so if you have commissioned an item from me and any issues or are just unhappy about some thing then please, PLEASE let me know (via email or PM) so i can be sure we can come to a compromize to be sure are happy (or at least content) with your costume wheter that be a partial refund, a replacement made at a huge discount, or a free fixing.

my skills have improved drastically since i began taking commissions in May 2008 and i have learned a lot of dos-and-don't since then (i used to think cardboard was an okay head frame! i used to glue my bodysuits together! thankfully neither of these methods were used on commissions) and thus i worry about the quailty of my older work, i cannot deny any past inexperince with my quality but i can make up for it with excellent customer service.

people grow over time and my abilities keep changing and improving and this business has been a big learning experience and i fear there is still so much more i have to learn.
i had a good time at FC and won the judges award with wolf link in the masqurade.... but that got a bit soured which is why i am posting.

some one i know told me some one was calling me a bitch for going on stage with my sister to recieve the award while she was in wolf link and i was in beastcub and some one else called me a pompus show off for the same reason.

i would like to make it clear the staff back stage encouraged me to go up with my sister in the wolf-link quad because SHE CANNOT USE HER HANDS in the costume and wanted me to hold onto the award and at the curtain call i was going to stay back stage but when my sister passed me and i was still standing there one of the "den mothers" told me to stay with her so i did. but it makes me feel really bad to think people believe i am a glory-hound show off because i went up on stage with my sister to receive the award for a costume i had made while in another costume i had made.... i ran into and talked to one of the judges about it and she reassured me that me going up there was perfectly okay and that the people saying stuff like that were out of line but i still feel kind of hurt because i came into the contest very humbled because it was my first time entering and did not expect to even win a prize because i was in the professional category and pitted against other makers who have way more experience than me...

but aside from that tidbit kicking me in the back of the head i had an awsome time.

05 January 2009 @ 10:50 pm

are you going?
are you a fan of wolves?
a fan of cosplay (costumes)?
a fan of the legend of zelda -twilight princess?

if you answered yes to any of those then i hope to see you there saturday from 2-6 or you will miss out on 2 of the best costumes i have ever made which will be making the debute at the convention, the 4 legged wolf costume (uses arm extendors so you can walk on all 4s) will be leaving to the UK in june so this will also likely be the only chance to see it in person.


just wanted to post this as i am VERY excited and i would hate for a zelda fan to miss out :}

05 January 2009 @ 10:48 pm
5 days later they found it in what prooved to be tottally not where it was supposed to be and some gunk had leaked into the box but at least they found it.
24 December 2008 @ 02:27 pm

it arrived a day early and my customer was not home so UPS took the box back to the office. he called and said he would pick it up today and he went to pick it up at the UPS office today and the computer says it is there but after 2 hours of searching NO ONE could find the box!

this was what i last heard from my customer

"There are 2 managers and 17 wear house workers running around me right now.
they're going to check the survalance tapes in an hour see if they can find a box passing by matching that description.
and yes, they're pretty concerned because thats a lot for insurance.
that's at least what they told me.
they will get back to me on Firday."

it was insured for $1400 which if not found will pay for a new costume...but to make the costume twice is so not fun...

they think some one stole the box, my hope is it is just throughly lost as lots of things get lost in the xmas rush and turn up later....

it was supposed to be this super awsome thing to get it in time for xmas and they lost it which thus turned it into a super awful thing to happen before xmas.
he wanted it in time for a fursuit gathering this weekend :( otherwise i would have waited because i know shipping during the xmas rush increases the chance for trouble
03 December 2008 @ 03:00 am

i decided i like the name and too many people know me by it now to change it. it would be like how KFC tried to change the meaning from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Kitchen Fresh Chicken, it just does not stick and confuses people

to me this is what Beastcub means, this is my character Beastcub
I had this name attached to me LONG before i had even heard of furries, i loved the name because it was related to my book and this character (found as an orphan, never gave her real name, so they called her Beast Cub, which is like calling her Young Lady whereas just cub is like calling her kid, and the name stayed with her as an adult.)
plus i thought it was cute and easy to remember (especially compared to my real name, which 80% of people either cannot spell or pronounce right...or both).
the word beast has a strong meaning to me haven grown up with Beauty and the Beast plus the word to me is magestic and a neat antiquated word that i love. and to me when i hear the word cub i think of tiger cubs, lion cubs, as in felines and i LOVE cats.

so yeah, i like the name.

16 May 2008 @ 12:45 am

creampuff went missing 3 weeks ago and came back withing 24 hours BUT with a badly broken leg, the humorus was broken and the break was over-lapping and the bone ends split and she had nerve damage that may/may not come back. we went through hell for nearly a week (one week was the deadline to either find a vet to fix it or surender her...BTW the first vet check was $300 for the x-rays and whatnot)  to find help and finailly found a non-profit vet to take the case for a mere donation rather than $2000.....

all seemed to be going well, i have had to keep her cooped up, she is in now pain, she is eating the bandage off her foot but is fine...UNTIL NOW as alas it appears blood is seeping through her cast...

i am FREAKED man. is brown and red and seeping through right above the surgery mark.... the clinic we took her to won't be open till monday and this may need urgent care and if no one replies to my message (please PLEASE say they have some staff that comes in between the days who can call me back, even then the surgeon is ONLY there wedensdays!....) we will have to take her to our normal vet who will charge $50 just to LOOK at her...

its 1 am man ...shit.

at moments like this i amlost wish i had surendered her as these last few weeks have been so stressful and i have been so careful with her leg and now she may just lose it anyway....

SHIT *cries