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02 September 2013 @ 01:54 am
Sandy - My sister's rescue dog  

Sandy's nicknames are
Old Dog
Hop a Long

Sandy yesterday had her second vet appointment, the antibiotics she was put on last time cleared up her infection enough to get a biopsy of her mammary tumors, the vet also said that looking at her they can tell that this dog is unspayed and has been bred several times.

The vet also took Xrays this time and sadly her leg will be staying as-is. She has a very very old break that healed incorrectly, the very end of the bone broke off at the knee. The vet told us that surgery to fix it would be too traumatic especially considering her age and surgery is not guaranteed to be successful, they highly recommend we leave the leg as-is... Luckily there is no need to amputate, the leg is not painful or being dragged/damaged and it is not entirely useless, she uses it to sit, squat, climb stairs and scratch herself, the issue is that her leg is twisted and unable to reach the ground when standing so it is useless to her when walking.

After the vet we took Sandy to the lake, her first real outing with us. As we made our way down to the water Sandy seemed confused. Having come from the much drier region of Southern California she may have never seen this much water before and the waves from the boats especially left her stumped. She eventually began trying to eat the waves which was very cute.

For a 3 legged old dog she gets along just fine, fine enough to literally drag me down the trails. We use a harness with her so we can help her jump in/out of the car and over obstacles (which she wants to do on her own but fails)

Sandy is also very pretty and she sports a fairly uncommon color for Cattle Dogs, my sister says this is called a incorrect or reverse mottle, the dog is supposed to be colored with white spots but she is white with colored spots. Sandy is so spotty that even her one eye is polka-dotted with blue, and her mouth is spotted, and she has spotted paw pads, so many spots!

Sandy is such a sweet old thing with so much pep, makes us mad that someone would just dump her in the middle of no-where to fend for herself with a bad leg, worn down teeth and tumors.