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21 February 2009 @ 07:21 pm
Have you commissioned from me and had a problem?  
a few of my very first customers have brought concerns to my attention.

such as Aspen Wolf who was my very first fullsuit, i had not learned how to do zippers yet and used velcro for his suit and it always popped open, i had yet to learn how to properly install body padding and his came loose, and the head was overall too big and had no neck to it.
for Aspen i gave him a $50 refund and he will be sending the body back to be repaired for free, i also made him a whole new head for a mere $100 (VS $390 for a head with those kind of eyes). he is now fully happy with his costume.
another suit had the prototype hinged jaw which came undone and he had another maker fix it, so when he told me this I refunded him $200 to both cover the cost of the repairs and extra because i was sorry that the head had such a big flaw and the refund made both him and me feel much better and helped me ease my shame ( i was so embarrased).

i want to be sure all my customers are happy. so if you have commissioned an item from me and any issues or are just unhappy about some thing then please, PLEASE let me know (via email or PM) so i can be sure we can come to a compromize to be sure are happy (or at least content) with your costume wheter that be a partial refund, a replacement made at a huge discount, or a free fixing.

my skills have improved drastically since i began taking commissions in May 2008 and i have learned a lot of dos-and-don't since then (i used to think cardboard was an okay head frame! i used to glue my bodysuits together! thankfully neither of these methods were used on commissions) and thus i worry about the quailty of my older work, i cannot deny any past inexperince with my quality but i can make up for it with excellent customer service.

people grow over time and my abilities keep changing and improving and this business has been a big learning experience and i fear there is still so much more i have to learn.
feathery on February 22nd, 2009 03:57 pm (UTC)
Personally, I think it is awesome you do things like you did for Aspen. You really take care of your customers.

It all just confirms that I will someday get a suit from you. :D
beastcubbeastcub on February 23rd, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)
i feel obligated to be sure my customers stay happy with my work especially since i am still such a newbie and a lot of things are still not clear.

i mean i am self taught and unassisted in this business of mine and i have not had the luxury of having any one tell me if i am doing it right.

there has been a lot of guess work, for instance i looked at other peoples prices and the materials they use and how good their stuff looks and based my costs on them.

but one thing is clear and that is the customer service, which to me is the most important part because i like to make people happy.

so if anyone is ever unhappy i am here to fix it :}